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I have been so excited to share with you this new space for me to share my passions for what seems like ages. The Nectar cafe has been an incredible journey for me over the past three years, but as my motherhood journey has grown and evolved me in ways I never knew possible before having babies, I have left the cafe project behind and have turned my focus towards simply sharing what we do as a family, especially around our kitchen table! Nurturing kitchen is here to share how we nourish ourselves through real, plant based whole foods and nurture ourselves, our relationships, creativity and the earth through connecting with nature and sharing memories around our kitchen table. I want to share recipes which nourish not only yourselves but your littles and elders too, ones that can be enjoyed at any age and will en-light the passion for good food in your children. I will also be sharing some other ways that we nourish and nurture ourselves as a family, through crafts, gardening and nature play, as well as some thoughts on pregnancy, birth and parenting. All things close to my heart! I really can’t wait to share more once I have birthed another baby in the making!

So as a farewell to the Nectar cafe, I have decided to share one of the most popular recipes from my workshops with you today. These healthier-hobnobs are the bees knees, really, everyone loves them and they have become a staple in our kitchen! Although Fern hasn’t discovered a weakness for cookies (yet!), my partner loves hobnobs and coming up with a healthier version was high on my priority list when I was coming up with a desserts class earlier this year. I think it’s the combination of sweet, salty, crunch and softness that hooks you in, and we no longer have the originals stashed in our cupboards. I’ve come up with an almost identical version here, which will satisfy your biscuit cravings when they set in. They can be made gluten free (if using buckwheat), use only un-refined sugar and fats and can be made nut free too. These are your perfect dunk-able biscuit and I like to dip half of the biscuits in melted handmade chocolate for a more decadent version!


A few notes on the recipe: I use 50g coconut palm sugar to sweeten these but you can go up to 75g if you like a sweeter biscuit. I find these perfectly sweet enough but they are probabaly a tad less sweet than the original version. If you don’t have coconut palm sugart than unrefined molasses sugar or raw cane sugar will work fine. 

Healthier Hobnobs

100g Rolled oats (gluten free if necessary)

60g brown rice flour

60g millet, ground in a dry blender or millet flour

50g desiccated coconut OR ground almonds

50g coconut palm sugar

3 tbsp brown rice/ maple syrup

50g coconut oil

1 tsp bicarb of soda + 1 Tbsp water

1 tbsp ground ginger

½ tsp flaky sea salt

100g dark chocolate for dipping (optional)

Grind the millet in a dry blender or spice/coffee mill until you have a fine flour. Add all the ingredients to a food processor or to a large bowl and mix by hand until you have a mixture which holds together when pressed down with your hands. Take small handfuls of the mixture and press it into a ball, laying each ball onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and flattening it down with the heel of your hand. Bake at for 12-18 minutes (depending on your oven and the size of your cookies) until they are golden. Remove from the oven and let them cool on the tray before sliding onto a cooling rack to crisp up completely.

For chocolate dipped hobnobs, gently melt the dark chocolate over a ban-marie in a wide bowl. Take a cooled hobnob and dip half into the chocolate, letting drip dry before transferring to a sheet of baking paper. Re-dip once dry if required (I do mine at least twice!). Store in an airtight container.DSC_0076I hope that you love the new look and take some time to look back through some archives from the Nectar posts. Stay tuned for the new logo coming soon too, as well as some updates on the recipe calender and hopefully some baby arrival news very soon! Apologies if posts are a bit fewer in the first few months of our baby-moon, but you follow our daily shenanigans over on Instagram. Thank you for taking a look! Be nourished, be inspired and be nurtured.


Jo and a very ripe bump! x


  1. says

    Oh my goodness Jo! The new site is GORGEOUS! Keen to have a longer look around and soak in all the goodness. What a beautiful project you’ve got going on here, so proud of you. And, ahem, these hobnobs look INCREDIBLE. Wish I could hop over for tea and cookies! So much love, xo

    • admin says

      I wish you could pop over and share cookies and tea with us too! You’re such an inspiration to me Lana.. Such love to you! xx

  2. says

    Jo, the new site is beautiful! The new name – totally wonderful. I love it all. You are such a beautiful, wonderful light I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have found you on these mass interwebs. Thank you for being a continuing inspiration to me ever since that first chat where you lent me advice on opening up a shop. I so much appreciate you. Sending you much nurturing love! xx

    • admin says

      Sending heaps of nurturing love to you too Shanna! I love your new site too.. your pics are beyond beautiful! Much love xx

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