3 ingredient Chocolate fudge bites


The simplest of recipes are the ones that you find yourself making over and over again, right? I know they are for me. Recipes that require hardly any forward planning, use minimal ingredients and don’t use every appliance and utensil I own in order to be made, are my go-to ones I make over and over again. When I came up with this (ridiculously) simple recipe, I knew I’d be making it on a weekly basis from then on, and I have been. It’s my ‘every-damn-day chocolate’ and I had to share it with you.

The idea for these fudge bits came from feeling completely rebellious, and wanting to break all of the ‘rules’ of chocolate making. I have been making raw chocolate for years, using pure raw cacao butter and coconut palm sugar, tempering, checking temperatures and taking care not to expose the mixture to any kind of moisture, whatsoever. In raw chocolate making, it is essential not to get any moisture into the chocolate mixture, as it will lead to marbling on the surface, a soft, grainy texture with no ‘snap’ and a dull surface. This is not what you want from a bar of luxurious raw-chocolate, which you want to have all of the mouth-feel of ‘cooked’ chocolate.  However, if you are after a super quick chocolate-hit without the fuss of trying to be a pro-chocolatier, and love a soft yet rich sweet treat, then these fudge bites are your new addiction (sorry!) They have all of the richness of dark chocolate with the added bonus of taking a total of 5 minutes to make and using just three ingredients. Win!

The softness of these fudge bites comes from using soaked dates, which are a a staple in my fridge as I use them to sweeten everything! Dates are high in iron, potassium, calcium and whole bunch of other awesome goodies, and I favour them as a sweetener over liquid or dried sweeteners, as they still contain all of their fibre. Because they have been soaked, the water content stops the cacao butter from setting really hard (remember, liquid + chocolate = no-no, but for fudge; yes- yes!). You’re left with soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate which breaks into rough-chunky ‘bites’.

A note on the recipe. I make mine in a vitamix though any blender would work. You might just need to push the mixture down with a spoon once you add the cacao powder, as it becomes quite thick. You can stop and start until it becomes nice and smooth. If you don’t have a blender, you could also make these in a food processor, and the result would be just as good.

DSC_0026 (3)

Three Ingredient Chocolate fudge bites

Makes about 24

150g dates, soaked in 5tbsp water

125 g cacao butter, melted

120g cacao powder

Pre soak the dates overnight or use hot water to soften them half an hour before you begin. They should have absorbed most of the liquid and feel soft.

Melt the cacao butter in a ban marie or a bowl over a pan of hot water making sure that it doesn’t over heat. You want to keep the temperature below 42 degC to keep the cacao content raw. Once melted, pout the butter into a blender along with the soaked dates. Blend until you get a smooth, light brown ‘caramel’.

Add the cacao powder to the blender and blend again until you have a thick mixture. You may need to stop and push the mixture don to the blade a few times if you don’t have a tamper stick on your blender. Once the mixture is smooth, use a spatula to scoop the mixture into a shallow dish lined with clingfilm, or a flexible teflon container. Press the surface down and cover with clingfilm to touch the surface. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to set.

Remove from the freezer and peel off the cling film. Pop the fudge out of the container and either cut into shapes and sizes of your choice or break into rough chunks. Store in the fridge (or preferably, a locked box as these are addictive!)



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