Green~Dream Smoothie (and Ferns first foods!)

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She was destined to be a foodie like her mumma from the start. Right from the time she was a tiny sproutling inside my belly, experiencing all of the high-vibe foods I was eating during my pregnancy, through to the time she was born and started not only drinking super nutritious milk, but watching me eating intently right from day one. She has always been fascinated with watching me put things in my mouth, and her longing stares turned to into grabbing, which became more and more insistent until one day, when we were having a day at the beach, she stuck her hand into our punnet of strawberries and popped one straight into to her mouth! Funnily enough, her face puckered up as if she had just bitten into a lemon, her eyes squeezed shut and her head shuddered, but it didn’t stop her! She was determined to see what this eating lark was all about, and from that day onward, we have gradually let her explore different foods through tasting and sucking and playing with them. It has only been recently that she has wanted to do more than just suck on foods, so we moved beyond the cucumber, carrot and broccoli sticks and she no joins us at the table with a smorgasbord of finger foods!

She loves trying her hand at using her doidy cup, which I fill with either breast milk or coconut water. She will have a good suck on some dried organic apple rings, figs, and whatever veg I have made dinner from gets cut into moon-shaped easy-to-hold chunks for her to chew. After her grabbing my slice of Bread of Life, she decided it is one her favourites, so I give her a soldier of bread with avocado spread thickly on top. The avo goes down but the bread just ends up a soggy mess of seeds! But over all of these, her absolute favourite food of all time (well 6 months) is a green smoothie. Or any smoothie actually, as long as it has banana in it she will slurp it down like, well her mumma! She is a smoothie lover of the cutest, littlest and happiest variety. After each mouthful she looks at me and goes, ‘Gaaaahh’. It’s adorable!

Now I know there are thousands of green smoothie recipes out there on the internet, so I’m not going to try and invent anything new here. But for those of you looking for an awesome green smoothie recipe, or perhaps looking for ways of getting some greens into your little ones, then here’s a good place to start. I’ll add some links for some more of my favourite smoothie recipes at the end of the post.

A note on ingredients. Freezing your bananas first will make your smoothie extra creamy and cold, I always buy boxes of really-ripe bananas when I see them for freezing. Just peel them and store in the freezer for whenever you need them. Green smoothies are incredibly versatile and feel free to substitute bananas for any other soft fruit, the coconut water for plain water or milk of your choice and use what ever greens you have to hand or are in season. I use hemp seeds as they are super high in protein and omega fats, though chia seeds work well too (and are perfect if you want a thicker, more puddingy smoothie). I use barley grass powder for added protein and all-round green goodness, as I have read that green algaes such as spirulina are not recommended for young children. I’m sure lots of people do, but I have stayed on the side of caution and stuck with organically grown barley (or wheat) grass powder in ours.IMG_20130307_141210

Green-dream smoothie

Makes 1 large glass (enough for mother and baby or a big one to yourself)

1 frozen banana
1/4 avocado
1 cup coconut water
1 handful leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard, romaine lettuce)
1 small bunch herby greens (mint, parsley, basil, lemon balm are my favourites)
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 tsp barley grass powder (optional, see note)


Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth! Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. If giving to a baby, either pour a little into a doily cup or feed with a baby spoon. If you want it to be thicker for your baby, either use less coconut water, or add an extra tbsp chia seeds and leave for 15 minutes to thicken up before serving.

Here are a few of my favourite smoothie recipes from some other fabulous bloggers:

• Elenores ‘Gimme life nettle and berry smoothie‘. Nettles in smoothies = super duper amazing
• Lauras The green drink. I love this one when peaches are in season!
• Sarah’s Blueberry basil smoothie.  An amazing flavour combo!
• Luise and Davids Green breakfast bowl. Basically a green smoothie eaten with a spoon, my favourite way!

What is your babies favourite foods and what do you love to share with them? I believe that our role as parents is to be the example we wish to share with our children, and looking after ourselves through eating well is essential to feel as energised as we need to be!





  1. Leah says

    Eeeee I am just deciding on what kind of GREEN power smoothie I am going to make for my school gardening session – part of it will be using the greens we’ve grown but this was mega helpful at getting ideas for other key flavours to add – we have lots of lemon balm/mint in the garden!) Thank you Jo! xx

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