Breakfast Cake

Breakfast cakeMy baby girl has been eating solid food for over a month now, and my love, appreciation and  passion for food is on over drive! I knew that when the day Fern delved into the world of foods, it would heighten my awareness of what I, and therefore she was eating. I want to create really healthy habits and associations with foods for her, without setting any strict rules or fear around food. I want her to have such a varied diet of  home made dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables and homegrown produce that she feels joy and pleasure from everything we make and eat together. I know that one day she will want to eat ice cream with her cousins, be given sweets from well-meaning friends and share feasts full of less-healthy foods with reckless abandon. All of this is part of life and all is fine. Though when we are at home, in our normal routine and surrounded by all of the locally available wonderful ingredients that we are, I want to share with her my love for real home cooking and natural ingredients. I want her food to be food that I would want to eat myself too! So my journey into creating Ferns first foods began here. It started with her green smoothies and finger foods or fruit and veggie sticks which she seemed to enjoy with much delight. Now as she is eating more and more, I wanted to make her something packed full of nutrients in the form of a soft light cake which she could feed herself. It needed to be dairy-free and sweetened only by fruit, with nutrient density from our free-range organic eggs, protein rich grains and some extra good fats thrown in for good measure. I had all the specifications ready, now time to make this babies breakfast cake baked!

I call it Breakfast cake  as it is basically all of the things I like to eat for breakfast all put together into a tasty cake. What more could be more perfect when you want a quick and easy breakfast, mid-morning or afternoon snack or healthy desert? Oats, fruits, eggs, seeds and a touch of sweet and spice is what my mornings are made of. I kept this cake as low on added sweetness as possible as it as made specifically for my 7 month old baby, but you could up the date/apple syrup or add some honey or maple syrup if you wanted a sweeter treat. That being said, I feel it is sweet enough, especially for a breakfast meal. Feel free to switch around the fruits/veggies for things like pears/ pumpkin/raspberries/figs, use different spices and use whichever kind of milk you prefer.

breakfast cake

Breakfast Cake

Makes 1 medium loaf or 12 muffins

1 cup oats

1 cup quinoa flakes

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

3 medium apples/carrots or a mixture, grated

1/2 cup blackberries

3 eggs

2 cups almond milk

2 tbsp date/apple syrup (or honey/maple syrup, add more to taste)


Preheat the oven to 180 deg C. Mix the first 6 dry ingredients in a bowl. Whisk the eggs and add the milk and date/apple syrup. Mix well the pour over the dry ingredients. Add the grated apples/carrots and berries and mix well. Grease a cake or loaf tin with coconut oil (or as I do, use a silicon flexible tin) and pour the mixture in. If making into muffins, use muffin cases or silicon moulds.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden and cooked through. Transfer to a wire rack to cool before slicing.





  1. Madeline says

    I was so excited to make these but I think I did somthing wrong. They are very wet on the inside even though I cooked them almost an hour. Thank you for the great recipe what could I be doing wrong?! The only thing I didn’t have was ground flax seeds so I added more cinnamon. The box of quinoa flakes says quinoa hot cereal flakes. Are these the wrong thing? Sorry to bug you just trying to figure out what I did wrong.

    • admin says

      Thank you for trying them and I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you. The ground flax seeds are essential to absorb some of the liquid from the milk, so I can only think that this is where you went wrong. When flax seeds are in contact with liquid they swell up and make everything stick together and less wet. Cinnamon wouldn’t do that trick! They quinoa flakes I used where loose, rolled quinoa, but I imagine they’re the same. You could try again with all oats, use the flax seeds and add a little less milk initially just to make sure they set through. Sorry they didn’t work this time, and thank you for letting me know x

  2. Natalie says

    Hi Jo! Just made this for my little one. I used flax egg but like the above it’s just a bit too, only a tad though…she’s still gobbling it up! It was my first time using flax so almost certain my measures were off. Will certainly be trying again. As a side note thank you so much for your blog and Instagram. I was proud of my ‘healthy eating’ before I came across you but your recipes and knowledge has changed my life. My cupboards are now empty of chemical rubbish (well almost, can’t push the Mr in the deep end!) and full of grains and pulses I never even knew existed. I feel so excited and happy that I now get to raise my little girl passing on my new knowledge. Perhaps I sound nutty now but I’m sure you will understand where I’m coming from. just…thank you. Can’t wait for more recipes and updates from you and your beautiful family.

    • Jo says

      Thank you Natalie and I’m so happy I’ve inspired you try some new things! I need to try out this recipe again as it seems that the measurements need checking. Thank you for trying it and I’m glad your little one enjoys it! x

      • Tessa says

        Just curious if you have managed to re-test this recipe yet? I’ve just made it and while it tastes yummy, like the others have said above, it has come out still quite wet in the middle.
        You mentioned the importance of flax seeds, which makes sense. I’m wondering if where you have said 1tbsn ground flax seeds, you mean 1tbsn flax seeds that should then be ground, if you know what I mean, as that would then involve a higher amount of flax…
        Would love to know if you have resolved the wetness, as would like to make it again. :o)

        • Jo says

          Hi Tessa, thank you for your comment. I have retested this recently and it turned out fine! I’m going to do a few more tests with different flax and liquid quantities just to check ,but I always use 1 tbsp pre-ground flax. Maybe that’s where the confusion lies. Thank you for letting me know and I’ll make sure I make that clear on the recipe, if that’s what it is! Many thanks again, Jo x

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