Autumn Glow Bowl


Salads make up a huge part of my diet whatever the season, however they change alot throughout the year. The varieties of seasonal local produce, temperature and feeling in my body depicts what kind of salad I make. I like to keep them as raw as possible, though for a more substantial salad, the addition of some cooked grains or roasted vegetables doesn’t go amiss too.

For my last ‘Living foods workshop’ at The Nectar cafe, I came up with this Autumnal salad to go with our Buckwheat tabbouleh and seasonal veg ‘quiche’. The way I come up alot of my recipes, is to simply write a list of what ingredients I want to works with (in this case, seasonal veg) then to visulise a dish which incorporates all of them in some way. I test it, tweek it, re test until I am happy with how all the ingredients mingle. For this salad, I knew I wanted to use Kale, squash, apples, beetroot, carrots and pumpkin seeds. Any other flavours which came along to join the party were welcome if they provided the right vibe!The end result was a dish which had all the colours of autumn within it; deep red, orange, yellow, green, brown. An Autumn palate on a plate! The wilted kale made a delicious, lively bed for the earthy root vegetables to sit ontop. The apple added the sweet quality which I need to taste in a meal, with the orange and ginger dressing adding a warmth which held all the flavours together. The toasted pumpkin seeds and sprouted pulses provided their satisfying protein rich goodness and extra crunch to top the dish off. All in all, it was one super seasonal salad which used completely locally grown seasonal fruit and veggies. A hit!

This makes a perfect lunch on its own or along side some raw crackers or sprouted grain bread and hummus. Or for a more substantial meal, add some cooked quinoa ontop of the kale, or use it as an accompaniment to a larger dish.

Autumn-Glow Bowl

Serves 4
1 bunch Kale (about 250g)
2 Apples
1 large or 2 small beetroot
2 medium carrots
¼ sweet squash (butternut/crown prince/kuri)
1 tsp sea salt
5 tbsp Olive oil/hempseed oil
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar
Juice of 1 orange
1 tsp sesame oil
1’’ ginger
2 tbsp shelled hemp seeds
1 tsp light miso paste
toasted pumpkin seeds
sprouted pulses, such as mung or aduki
In a large bowl, finely chop the kale into strips and add the salt, 1 tbsp of the oil, the juice of lemon and apple cider vinegar. Massage the kale well with your hands until the leaves start to feel soft. Set aside.
Make the dressing by putting the rest of the olive oil, orange juice, sesame oil, ginger, hemp seeds and miso paste into a blender and blending until smooth.
Grate the apples, beetroot, carrots and squash. Divide the kale into bowls, top with four quarters of apple, carrot, beetroot and squash, then drizzle generously with the dressing.Top with the toasted pumpkin seeds and sprouted pulses

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