IMG_1457I facilitate regular workshops, demos and catering events in and around Norfolk serving delicious plant-based foods.

Workshop and event dates for Autumn 2016 will be released soon. If you have any requests for private classes or event catering please do get in touch via the contact page.

Workshops and events available include:

  • Yoga Brunch – A two hour yoga class followed by a plant-based vibrant brunch at the beautiful Yoga Tree in Norwich. Next date: September 11th 2016.
  • Healthy-habits workshop – an introduction to plant based cuisine and how to install healthier habits into your daily diet, including soaking, sprouting, smoothies, nut and seed milks, grain-free baking and batch-cooking to make delicious 10-minute lunch bowls.
  • Sweet-treats workshop  – A class dedicated to all things sweet and decadent! We learn all about using natural, healthier sweeteners like dates, fruits, syrups and un-refined sugars in foods, which ones work best in what and their effect on the body. We make raw desserts, hand made chocolates, baked cakes and pastries and comforting drinks.
  • Fabulous Fermentation – teaches you the fundamentals of making your own cultured foods at home, including fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, nut and seed ‘cheeses’ and yogurt, probiotic drinks and chutneys. The class ends with a feast of fermented tapas, and starters to take away with you.
  • Seasonal workshops – Raw and whole-food cooking classes based around the current season and the produce available and monthly traditions. Including Spring cleanse, summer picnics, autumn harvest, winter warmers and festive parties.
  • Kids workshops – a fun and interactive workshop for children and parents/carers. We make delicious green-monster smoothies, avocado-boats, decorate our own raw pizzas and cakes, turn fruits into fun shapes and veggies into spaghetti and roll sticky sweet go-go balls. A great way to get your child excited about food and eating fresh, whole foods, all free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar.
  • Smoothie bike events – Make pedal-powered plant-based smoothies on the go! My custom made smoothie bike will turn fruits and veggies into delicious smoothies with a quick burst of pedalling energy. A great crowd pleaser for fairs, festivals, weddings and parties. Please inquire for more details.
  • Yoga Retreat/workshop catering – I specialise in catering for yoga, wellness and holistic events where wholesome, organic and vegetarian catering is of interest. I tailor make a menu to suit your requirements, with a focus on vegan and gluten free dishes. Please inquire for more details

If you are interested in attending workshops in the future, please drop me an email and I’ll keep you on a waiting list.

nurturing kitchen workshopnurturing kitchen smoothie bike