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20150112_115141Nurturing is something I can remember thinking about ever since I was a little girl. My mother would nurture us through the home made food she prepared each day and by surrounding us with nature, and I would spend my time making cakes for friends and family, tending our garden and caring for horses, all things I loved. As a mother now myself, nurturing my family is something which comes naturally through everything we do. Feeding my family the best food possible is one way I show my love to them the best, and revolving our days around being in nature, whether it be foraging in the woods, tending our garden, making nature crafts or a day at the beach brings out the very best part of me. In nature I am free to be the best mother, partner and creative spirit that has bought me to want to share our lives with you here.

Fern and Jo-11

Photo by Norwich photographer Benjamin Mathers

After years of overseas travel to the southern most tip of the beautiful New Zealand, where I worked on kiwi farms and lived a fruitarian lifestyle, to the wild glaciers of Iceland where I discovered my love for wide open spaces, I came home to open my vegan wholefoods cafe The Nectar in 2011. There I served bowls of vibrant salads, high-vibe smoothies and juices and delicious raw cakes to my local community, learning a whole lot along the way. After a couple of years of great fun in my thriving cafe, a new seed started to grow within me, this time it was an actual baby in my belly firing my soul and in February 2013, our daughter Fern was born at home, and a whole new journey began.Fast forward two years and I am about to give birth to our second child (any day now!) and our beautiful daughter and I spend our days making and eating delicious, plant-based foods together, playing in our garden and learning through nature each and every day. She really has been my biggest teacher, reminding me to slow down, appreciate the little things in life and find joy in the simple things. A short walk can take hours, studying flowers and bugs, and seeing her love for nature makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. Being pregnant and feeding Fern has made me even more aware of what I feed myself to fuel my growing belly and nourish my child. When I was pregnant with her, I ate my weight in watermelon and lemons, as well as a small amount of animal products through eggs and local fish.. I felt like my body knew exactly what it wanted, and I answered it with joy, knowing that the foods I was eating was helping to grow a tiny person inside me. I would say that becoming a mother has made me more food and nutrition aware in a balanced and nurturing way.

My love for good food has been something I have been aware of ever since I was a young girl, watching my mother make home made desserts from foraged blackberries and home grown apples, and my father spending his spare time growing as much of our own vegetables as he could. Sharing these passions with my own family gives purpose  to our days and creates memories around our nourishing kitchen table.

I am completely self taught when it comes to cooking, but have worked in catering ever since I left school, so feel like I have a pretty good back- ground in a wide variety of cooking styles! I have worked in many raw, vegan cafes in Australia, which is where I learned all about using sprouted seeds, soaked nuts and super foods to make amazing high-vibe raw dishes, which still plays a huge influence in our daily diets. However, after living the raw, vegan lifestyle during my years overseas, I now draw my influences from many food traditions and styles, creating hearty meals my whole family love. We eat alot of Asian inspired foods, I love to bake and we eat seasonally, meaning that in winter we eat alot more hot cooked foods than we do in the salad-days of summer! I do not confine myself to any one diet label, and instead focus on feeding my family the most delicious, healthy and ethically sourced foods I can.

Want to know more about me? Well I am an Aries through and through, stubborn and strong willed with an entrepreneurial streak. I love to craft things from nature, including mandalas, dream catchers and mobiles. I have a deep connection with horses and love to see them running wild and free. I am addicted to taking photos. I have found peace in practicing gratitude each day and feel totally wierd if I don’t practice some yoga every day.  I find it really difficult to sit still for very long and am writing this the day before I predict to give birth to our second child!

jo and fern