My simplest meals to make with a new-born

Apologies for the hiatus lately I've been in a bit of a bubble.. A blissed out baby bubble. Our newest baby girl arrived two months ago and life has been a beautiful messy haze since then, finding my way as a mother of two and relaying between breastfeeding one whilst cooking for the other, nappy changing the baby while potty changing the toddler and sleeplessly loving on these two girls with all of my overflowing heart. Our days of late have been spent mainly at home, enjoying the garden, exploring the woods and making a mobile-home within our new (old!) caravan which we are planning summer time adventures in. The days seem long and tiring but they are by far the best days of my life. Adventure starts within our surroundings, of which I have come to realise makes for the most peaceful and relaxed days with a new baby attached to my body for the best part of the day. We wake up slow, cook and eat together, we walk, we see, we tell stories, we cuddle. Fern has taken to her big-sister ...

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