Moon cycle bunting Nurturing Kitchen

Moon cycle bunting

Here I am, writing my first non-recipe post, and it feels so nice to be sharing some of the other things we do to nurture ourselves as a family and get creative outside of the kitchen! I first had the idea to make some moon-cycle bunting after seeing some transfers on a friends Instagram, and on the eve of a full moon, I had the urge to get out our crafts box and have a go at making something similar ourselves. Fern helped with the sticking and had great fun matching the black and white pieces together, while I cut many a moon-shape before carving them out into different degrees of fullness The process is really simple, you could use a black or a white background for creating the bunting and I have arranged them in a row and also circular pattern. I used sheets of black and white card, but you could also simply paint the moon shapes on to the contrasting colour of card. I have a natural drawing towards doing crafts around new and full moons. Sometimes I don't even realise one is ...

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