Gluten free,, dairy free, refined_sugar free black forest chocolate cake

Black Forest chocolate Cake (GF, DF, RSF)

So I know it's the middle of summer and everyone is juice feasting and salad munching and not setting foot anywhere near the ovens right? But just in case you're one of the odd people like me, I came up with a rich, triple chocolate, cherry filled black-forest cake to counter act all of those crisp fruits and veggies your eating and add some comfort food feelings to the long summer days. I'm sure you're not at all interested so feel free to move on, but just in case you are, I popped the recipe down below for you. Just incase. Ok...Summer. Fruits. Chocolate. Gateaux. Cake. Yep I'm all over the light and zingy lemon tarts and popsicles right now too but seriously, this cake has been perfected over way too many special occasions lately and I just had to share it with you today. It's that good I promise and just happens to be dairy-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar free too. Don't let that put you off making it for your traditional-cake loving friends and family though. I've tested this ...

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